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IXORA SKIN CARE (Partnership)

Daru recently teamed up with one of his favorite Skincare brands Ixora Botanical Beauty. And the best part? Y'all can join him on this skincare


Yes, you heard it right! Daru is now an affiliate for IxoraBB. What

does that mean for you? Well, it means exclusive access to some amazing skincare goodies and, of course, the secret to that radiant glow you've been asking about!

But, hey, being an affiliate isn't just about products; it's about community, sharing tips on

skincare and taking care of my skin, and embracing self-love. And that's where I come in!

Join Daru on this journey. Become a part of the Donkey Milk Gang! Whether you're a

skincare enthusiast, or a beginner, or just someone looking to level up their skincare game – this is for you!

IxoraBB is also an all female black owed company!

If you're ready to share the love for radiant skin, check the video below for product details and use 'DARU' code to purchase your own! Don’t forget to tag @ixorabb and @darujones on social media when you receive your products.

Here are some December incentives.

 Sample Sizes are back! the moisturizer, the salicylic toner, lactic acid body

serum, hydraquench toner 2oz, ingrown hair serum .5oz, seamoss toner,

brightening lotion.

 Orders $50 or more free gift: entire month of December. This gift is

different from the gift from black Friday!

 Free shipping on Christmas: Dec 18 th - 25th

 Giveaway New Years: December 31 st – Jan 2 nd

 January 2 nd : Ixora Anniversary + Sale 25% email, 20% socials


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