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Updated: Oct 3, 2022

"Daru Jones and I have returned with the second episode of The Daru Sessions. Daru Jones has just released a record called Daru Jones Play the Breaks (Live at Layman.) On it, he plays 25 grooves that he has recorded with other artists, and he explains their origins. The project comes with a book that has an introduction by the legendary Breakbeat Lou. It is a perfect source to create loops of Daru’s drumming. Daru just released another project with producer Kev Brown called A Daru State of Mind featuring Eddie Sancho. Like Daru Jones Play the Breaks (Live at Layman,) this is also an entire recording of classic Daru beats and grooves. These records feature some great drumming. Some of the beats are sideways, some are straight up and down, but they all have that Daru “swag” that makes them special. All of Daru’s various drum influences come through on these records. This time around I wanted to see if Daru could dive a little deeper into his many musical and drumming influences."

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