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Antonio Eyez x Daru Jones - CoverSOUL Meditation

1) Funk Mash ll

2) Simply Beautiful ll

3) On My Darlin ll

4) Nasty Grind ll

5) Stay ll

6) Be Here ll

7) I Love U ll

8) Easy ll

9) Ooo Baby Baby ll

10) People Get Ready ll

11) Bad Habit Reloaded ll

12) LUvLIKETHisll

13) Single Life ll

Daru Jones, on co-creating the CoverSOUL Meditation Mixtape:

The project pays tribute to Urban Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Neo Soul, Alternative, and Spiritual Roots.

Over Daru raw Boom-Bap-Soul-Hop style of drumming. We cover a wide range of classic music; from Erykah Badu to Al Green to The Pilgrim Jubilee to Steve Lacy.

Antonio Eyez is co-managed by Grammy Award winner, and Oscar nominated songwriter, Van Hunt, with his partners at LoveChild Productions, so “Due to level of musicianship I was thrilled to work with him”. In early 2023 Daru started seeing posts on Van Hunt's instagram that were reposted performances from Antonio Eyez. I was like, "Yo, am I trippin’? This kat is super dope and versatile”. After I heard the D'Angelo and Raphael Saadiq Be Here flip, “I was floored”. That's not an easy record to pull off.

That led to an idea of me picking a bunch of tracks from Antonio's IG and going to BarnFire Creative, whom I consider one of my main studio hubs, to track my drums with engineer and friend, Ben Sanders.

Major props to Caio Carvaho of Pinch Studios who did the additional mixing and mastering. Also, thanks to the fam, jRockazz, for creating mind blowing visual creation with VFX, featuring choreography & dance courtesy of Grounded View.

We hope CoverSOUL Meditation Mixtape pumps positive flow and good vibration back into the music to inspire and preserve the culture of those who came before us.” -dj

Drums Recorded at BarnFire Studio (Nashville, TN)

Engineered by Ben Sanders Additional mix by Caio Carvalho @ Pinch Studios (Long Island City, Queens, NY)

Visual Treatment, VFX and Edit by jRockazz Coreography & Dance courtesy of "Grounded View"

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