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Daru Jones: “Jack White values his musicians”

"Hip-hop drummer from New York, big fan of rock music, and now based in Nashville, Daru Jones is one of the most visible drummers of the moment, especially when he accompanies Jack White. We are backstage at the Olympia in Paris, in the middle of July. Jack White has just finished his third concert in the mythical Parisian venue, when suddenly Daru Jones appears backstage, the drummer of the "solo" band that has accompanied the rocker ... for 10 years, from the first album of the ex-White Stripes, “Blunderbuss“.

He has unquestionably contributed to define the rocker's solo sound, notably contributing on the one hand to add a spectacular dimension to his shows and on the other hand, because of the position of his drum kit, bringing a fun and totally offbeat style." -Rolling Stone Fr

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