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Updated: May 16, 2022

Daru Jones and Kev Brown are pleased to announce our forthcoming collaborative instrumental project, A Daru State of Mind, featuring Eddie Sancho. As we get set to give a taste of what’s to come, we wanna hear from YOU first.

Now whether you got bars, skills onthe 1s and 2s, or think you can even set off the latest viral dance trend, then me and Kev invite invite you all to participate in our #RemixTheStateOfMind challenge.

To participate is easy...

• First, peep the video of us vibin’ out to the album’s title track...sounds nice do it?

To all the emcees out there, go break out your rhyme book/iPhone. To all the up them turntables. And for all the b-boys/b-girls in the house, it’s time to bust out the linoleum

.• Before you show off your skills and break the internet, make sure you know how to use the Instagram Reel Remix to participate. If you’re not sure how to use this feature, hit the link in my bio, and you’ll see a ‘how to’ tutorial posted up top.

• Now the time has come...hit that button and record yourself in your truest creative form. Spit a dope verse or even sing, showoff your scratches over the beat, or just vibe out and act a fool. And like Kev said go ahead and draw a picture if that’s what you’re feelin.

This challenge is for everyone, regardless of skillset, age, or experience. The only rules are that we ask you to keep it clean. This is a good vibes only event, so please NO profanity or use ofthe N word. The other rule...get bizzzzy and have some fun.There’s no prize, but we’ll be sharing everyone’s posts on social media, so make sure you tag #RemixTheStateOfMind so we can find you.

We’ll be doing more of these contests as the album campaign picks up momentum, so let’s kick things off right here, right now on the good foot and have some fun. LET’S GO!!!

Enter HERE

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