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"Crate Digging is a recurring feature in which we take a deep dive into a genre and turn up several albums all music fans should know about. In this edition, Jack White’s drummer and soul-hop master Daru Jones shares his picks.

From standout drummer in his local church, to becoming a go-to beat maker in the hip-hop scene, to playing in Jack White’s’ band for the last decade, Daru Jones has seen it all. Jones, who is also Modern Drummer’s March 2023 Cover Star, is not just a groove aficionado — he’s observed four decades of evolution in the drum world, including hip-hop’s rhythmic transformation in the ’90s and the influx of rap-influenced beats in rock and roll today.

This made him a major asset to Jack White when he began his solo project over 10 years ago. Jones has named his unique playing style as “Soul-hop,” a combination of classic Motown drummers like Earl Palmer and James Browns’ drummers Clyde Stubblefield and Jabo Starks, combined with neo-soul pioneers like J Dilla, DJ Premier, and Questlove." -Paolo Ragusa

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