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Modern Drummer is starting a new series with Daru Jones called “The Daru Sessions.” In these series of interviews, Daru and I are going to dive deep into several subjects. The first subject of these talks is Daru’s unique drum set-up.

Daru Jones’s drumming is always evolving, and he is on the road again playing with Jack White. His drumming on White’s previous recordings Lazaretto, Blunderbuss, Boarding House, and the newest Fear the Dawn has been surprising to those who have known him as primarily a hip-hop styled drummer. Daru still brings a slick hip-hop drumming approach (as can be heard on his two newest projects, Daru Jones Play the Breaks (Live at Layman,) and Daru State of Mind. But Daru’s playing with Jack White it is now further infused with a hard rockin’ edge. This new ingredient to Daru’s ever-expanding vocabulary, and Jack White’s live setlist has inspired Daru’s unique drum set-up to evolve even further.

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