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EARTH RIDE SHARE (Video & Photos)

The Ultimate Car Service that also saves the planet. 100% electric vehicles, no hybrids, and no gas.

This is definitely a step in the right direction and another reason why Daru partnered up with Earthride Share.

Yes, that’s a Tesla Daru is posted in by The Basement East. Earthride is now serving

the Nashville and Austin area for another option to get from point A to B in style without polluting the planet.

On-demand or schedule.

📍: @thebasementeast

👕🧢: @classicmaterialny

🚕: @teslamotors

👟: @puma

🥢: @aheaddrumsticks

💼: @monocreators

🥁: @teampacificdrums @dwdrums @remopercussion

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