DON'T SMOKE ROCK - The Story & Behind The Scenes (Footage)

via @darujones Instagram

15 Years ago in #2001, I remembering being in #NYC and purchasing #petestrumentals #vol1 @ the #virginrecordsmegastore after seeing it in my brothers @thesource #magazine under #fattape, I think.As a #drummer and #beatmaker this album was #nextlevel and epic as he broke the mold with doing instrumentals albums at the time. 6 years ago I met #smokedza while being a member of @skibeatz band, #thesenseis. We rocked the stage many nights @ #damedash @duskopoppington #dd172 gallery, #mtv and more! 3 months ago an opportunity presented itself via @realpeterock @kushedgod.

I had the honor of contributing to one of the best #hiphop projects in #2016 with #replays by myself and #theroyalpharaohs plus extended non-band members. Read the #cd credits below 🙏🏾

This record is the gritty sound, soul and energy of #real #NYC #hiphop during an era that's still able to stand the test of time like #hiphop never left. Major respect to one of the best #beatsmith's to ever do it #peterock and #smokedza for puttin' trust in me and the squad to get the job done also putting together a masterpiece. #dontsmokerock available now!

Behind the scenes footage in the studio with Jones, Owen Biddle, Shonka Dukureh and Brandon Newsome of the Royal Pharaohs tracking the replays for "Don't Smoke Pete"

Bonus footage "Wild 100s"

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