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"So far, 2022 has been a relatively eventful year for Jack White. He’s released the albums Fear Of The Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive, each one with its sound and vibe unique from the other, proposed (and immediately got married) onstage in Detroit to kick off his tour, played over sixty shows across three continents to hundreds of thousands of satiated fans…and he’s not even done yet.

To celebrate the explosive run of shows, having received some of the most rave live reviews Jack has ever seen in his 20+ year career onstage, Third Man Records’ 54th Vault package is dedicated to the best of the best, the 3xLP Selections From The Supply Chain Issues Tour.

With the dynamic band of Dominic Davis on bass, Daru Jones on drums, and Quincy McCrary on keyboards, Jack has been, more so than ever before, truly improvising compelling cover songs and brand new, off-the-top-of-his-head compositions. With covers ranging from the public domain “Wayfaring Stranger” through the Stooges’ “I Wanna Be Your Dog” to the D.O.C’s “It’s Funky Enough” and the Monks “I Hate You” across a gamut of blues essentials like “I’m A Man” and “Cool Drink Of Water Blues” and “Born Under A Bad Sign”…it’s a true treat to hear the band snatch these moments out of the unrehearsed ether. Beyond that…true original songs like “That’s How I’m Feeling Right Now” and “Yes, I’m So Sick” and “When I’m Home You Can Feel The Tension” are legitimately ecstatic, memorable explorations that belie the fact that they are 100% spontaneous composition written on the spot during the live shows." -Jack White Site

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