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Here's some raw footage from the drumset from Jamie Lidell & The Royal Pharaohs recent European tour in support of new release.

"When I Come Back Around" @ KoKo | London, England 10.27.16

"Nothings Gonna Change" & "Lord Help Me" @ Die Kantine | Cologne, Germany 10.30.16

"Don't Let Me Let You Go (Reprise)" @ Ahol! Pop Festival | Linz, Austria11.04.16

Building A Beginning (Westart Live Soundcheck) @ Westart live WDR TV | Cologne, Germany 10.24.16

"Walk Right Back" (Pharaohs Remix) Soundcheck @ Kaufleuten | Zurich, Switzerland 11.01.16

"Multiply" & "Don't Let Me Let You Go" (Paradiso)

"Lord Help Me" (Kev Brown Cover) @ Astra | Berlin, Germany 10.23.16

"Sly Jay-Dee" (J-Dilla Cover) @ Razzmatzz | Barcelona, Spain 10.23.16

"Why" (MJ Cover) @ Razzmatzz | Barcelona, Spain 10.23.16

"Chicken Grease" Jamout (D'Angelo Cover) @ Uebel & Gefaehrlich | Hamburg, Germany 10.22.16 (Soundcheck)

"Hard To Say" & "When I Come Back Around" INSTRUMENTALS

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